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Ryders benefit from functional muscle-recruitment while eliminating the unnatural stresses your body experiences on a stationary bike, i.e. we protect your joints.

Cycling classes are TYLT’s foundation; however, we aim to deliver an all inclusive exercise experience.

TYLT’s hybrid class, DIRTY 30/30, inclusive of strength training, increases muscular activation throughout the entire body.


About Our Bikes

RealRyder Technology

TYLT classes, powered by Real Ryder bikes, focus on rhythm, sway, motion, cardio, balance and cadence – all the things that make an outdoor ride exhilarating.

“Riders don’t want to pedal, they want to move.”

Colin Irving

CEO and inventor of RR

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Meet Our Founders

Allison, Paige and DeMarco are (individually) about as opposite as they come. Allison, unintentional life coach and self proclaimed expert of anything – Paige, veteran model who doubles as TYLT’s drill sergeant – and, DeMarco, our resident germaphobe who is also extraordinary at keeping us focused on our TYLT empire goals; all share an insatiable love of fitness, wellness, and community. To be #TYLTbylt we require that you embody compassion, grit, and the willingness to strive to be better than yesterday, every day.

DeMarco Murray

DeMarco Murray


Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV; and attended Bishop Gorman High School.
Went to the University of Oklahoma where he majored in Communications with a minor in Business and African American Studies. Family is everything to DeMarco. He and his wife, Heidi, have two beautiful kids; Savanna, 4, and Parker, 2. He has always had a passion for fitness and being proactive in the community. TYLT gives him the ability to focus on both, while promoting a positive, healthy lifestyle. DeMarco is a HUGE germaphobe, so you can always expect TYLT to be top notch in the cleanliness department!

Paige Fuson

Paige Fuson

Co founder and GM

Paige has a degree in Exercise Science and is certified as a master instructor on the Real Ryder bikes. She has amassed many years of leading group fitness, cycling, & bootcamp style classes. When Paige is not on the bike, she can be found: Baking for everyone. Yes, be prepared to indulge in her treats post-class. Watching any hockey game (but, GO PREDS), and enjoying ALL the sunshine outside with her dinosaurs…err, German Shepherds.

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