Things To Know


TYLT classes fill up fast – with our fun, fast-paced training (can you blame us)?! If you see your favorite class is full – don’t stress – you have the ability to use one of your pre-paid classes to reserve a spot on our waitlist! You will be able to see what number you are on the list and if/when a spot opens up you will receive an email confirmation letting your know you have been added to class. We will pull off of the waitlist up until 30 minutes before class, so keep an eye out for a confirmation email & don’t forget to check your app. You can always call into the studio 30 minutes prior to class to check as well. If you are pulled off of the waitlist, but do not have enough notice to plan on coming to take class, we will not late charge you.

However, if TYLT is really rock’n and we are unable to add you to class, you will not lose your class & it will be returned to your account so you can rock another ryde with us.

Late Cancellations

No one likes a flake! Changed your mind? We will miss you but as we are limited to 20 bikes, we want to ensure that those who want to ryde, can. Please be sure to cancel 8 hours prior to your class to avoid a cancellation penalty. One class will be deducted from class packs and unlimited members will be charged a drop-in fee of $23.


Forgot to cancel? All no-shows will be treated as late cancellations – One class will be deducted from class packs and unlimited members will be charged $23. You may cancel online or by calling the studio. We understand that life happens, so please call the studio to discuss emergencies and unusual circumstances!

We want you to be confident and comfortable for your first ryde at TYLT, and all your rydes to follow.

TYLT Rules

Rules are made to be broken…except for the following:


No cell phones in the cycling room. They disturb others and take away from your own experience.

Unplugging can be very therapeutic: BE PRESENT.


Please be on time. To preserve the experience & for the safety of other TYLTERS, we will not allow anyone to enter class once the doors have been closed. If you need to leave class early, please tell the instructor ahead of time, & wait until the last song, signaling to them on your way out that you’re okay and NOT injured.

If you’re running behind or having trouble finding parking, please just give us a call! (615) 902-3181