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Tylt Cycle is Nashville’s only spin studio offering a dynamic indoor cycling experience. Book your first spin class today and experience the Tylt difference.

The Tylt Difference

RealRyder Technology

Tylt Cycle is the only spin studio in Nashville powered by RealRyder spin bikes. The RealRyder bike has revolutionized the indoor cycling experience by combining riding, pedaling, balance and steering – so you feel like you’re on an actual bike and not a stationary pedaling contraption.

“Riders don’t want to pedal, they want to MOVE.”  – Colin Irving, CEO of RealRyder

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Our Classes

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Cycling classes are TYLT’s foundation; however, we aim to deliver an all inclusive exercise experience.


TYLT’s signature 45 minute high-intensity cycle class will take you through choreographed, rhythmic moves alongside cycling techniques. Tylt, turn, and sway your way through our full body cardio party with LED lighting and heart-pumping music. We don’t want you to just pedal, we want you to MOVE.


For those ryders who enjoy our strictly cycle class but only have 35 minutes to sweat.